The Role of the Pay Per Head Service

Pay Per Head Site And Getting The Ball Rolling

As you begin your new venture, one of the first decisions you’ll make is what Pay Per Head service to use.  You’ll want to be sure that you’re customers have access to everything they need.  This would include….

  • betting lines on as many events as possible
  • Multiple bet type offerings
  • 24/7 uptime security-blog-post-imageA safe and secure online environment. Bookiebuddy is SSL protected and all passwords are encrypted on our servers.


The importance of flexibility

As the Bookie it’s important that the Pay Per Head site offer you some flexibility in a few different areas.  Useful features offered on would be…

Look for flexibility
Look for flexibility
  • Ability to offer 3 different sets of lines as well as edit any line offered on the site
  • Setting betting and credit limits per player
  • Show/hide any sport or its subtype
  • Send and receive messages to all or individual customers
  • Quick response from the Pay Per Head site operator for any issues or questions you or your customers may have

Cost effectiveness

Of course, all of the above is great to have but at some point we will have to weigh cost versus value.  It’s critical that the Pay Per Head service you use be able to understand your needs as well as your customers.  The best understanding will come from those that are also in the business or have had much experience.  Let’s face it, a guy that has been a mailman for most of his life is not going to know how to build a useful and effective Pay Per Head site.  It’s just not his field of expertise.  When you or your customers interact with the site operators, your issues should be understood and dealt with by a staff that understands what’s going on and how it affects the customer.

These features, as well as others, will make for a smooth experience for you and your customers.

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